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Newsletter                                                                                   Volume 6 Issue  11

Central Primary School                       Room 204                     October 20, 2014

3rd Grade Happenings

  Conferences are coming up.  Please make sure you return you conference notes to help me prepare for conferences. Schedules are tight to get everyone in, so I will do my best to answer all questions and keep on schedule. 

Here is what is happening:

Common Core Math and English Morning work:  As we continue to focus on our CC morning work, students are completing with less marks on daily work.  It is important to do a quick review these skills each Thursday before our assessment on Friday.  I allow them to use their English notebook and the many posters I have around the room.  We really talk about and discuss all skills all week and on Thursdays go over anything anyone has questions on.  If you are spending a lot of time reviewing, remind your child to ask questions in class.  I can't help them if they don't ask and I do not have many questions. 

Reading:  Author's Purpose is well underway.  Each book that your child takes an AR quiz on they will be writing a reading response based on Author's Purpose and supporting the reason the author wrote the book. They need to decide if the author wrote to Persuade, Inform, Entertain, or Describe. (PIED) While reading at home make sure they can tell you if the author wrote to: persuade, inform, entertain or describe.   This is a short week and I am going to incorporate a research project on animals to go along with our non-fiction text features and tie into our Science unit.  This will be a writing assignment also. 

AR Book Update:  September book-it has been completed and rewarded with a trip to the treasure chest or Jar of Joy for those who reached goal.  In October kids will earn their Pizza Hut pizza coupon.  Please remember that they need to complete 4 chapter books in their reading level.  They may incorporate 2 non-fiction books also. 

Vocabulary:  Due to back-to-back short weeks, I am going to wait to introduce the next set of words until next Monday.  We are going to focus on our new dictionaries that we received from Hopewell Grange and locate words we do not know what it means in our "Just Right" books. 

Spelling:   Week 7 words will come home on Tuesday.  Please challenge them to come up with other words that fit the pattern we are working on. We complete 2 activities in class along with Sparkle.  This is a short week, but we will still test on Friday.

Math:  Chapter 2 is well underway.  We will be taking a short assessment to see how we are doing based on the first 5 lessons.  We have worked on fact families, extending facts, input/output boxes and story problems using a Part-Part-Total box.

Please continue to practice math facts that come home when goal is not met.  Learning facts is a key to all math skills and vital to being successful in third grade.  

Science: Chapter 3 has been started and we began with a Discovery Video on our ecosystem and food chains.  We  have created our own ecosystems and by end of week will have created a food chain.  This unit will lead into our habitat project.  Please watch for project details next week.  Assignment will be sent home on the 20th.

Social Studies: Our next unit of study in Social Studies is Immigration.  Kids have been using a CRS while learning about why people move.  Comprehensive Reading Strategy allows students to make predictions, discuss words that are challenging, summarize (get the gist) and come up with thinking questions.  For the first lesson and new activity they all worked well in groups and did some great thinking. 

   Dates to Remember 

  • Oct. 20:  Next vocabulary unit will  come home
  • Oct. 20:  Spelling Pre-test
  • Oct. 20:  Ch. 2 Math Quick Check
  • Oct. 22:  Unity Day - Wear ORANGE
  • Oct. 23:  Spelling Test
  • Oct. 23:  1/2 day 11:30 dismissal
  • Oct. 23:  Conferences
  • Oct. 24:  Conferences
  • Oct. 29:  Ch. 3 Science test
  • Oct.  31:  Halloween Parade and Party.  ( Parade will be cancelled if raining) 




Study Spelling words


Home Links -- These will be due the following day

If NO Home Link ---Study math facts and go over daily Rocket Math sheets.

IXL and Xtramath.org are 2 online sites that students may use to practice. 


Study Vocabulary words - use in context not memorize definitions

20 minutes of free reading EVERY night. Four AR quizzes are due at the end of every month until January, then Six are due.  If they are reading a book at home that does not have an AR quiz, they can complete a quick book report form and get credit. 


You will see a study guide 2 days prior to a having a test please go over with your child and sign & return

Social Studies

Projects throughout the year


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