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Newsletter                                                                                 Volume 6 Issue  3

Central Primary School                       Room 204                     September 1, 2014

We are well Underway

Our superheroes are getting accustom to the new routines and rules in the classroom and doing a great job.  

Thank you for those parents that attended our orientation meeting.  I hope you found the information helpful.  Please continue to utilize my web page and drop me a note if you have any questions and concerns.

Please rember, if you are able to help reach our goal for 3rd grade of $300 order,  Scholastic is giving teachers the opportunity to earn 10,000 bonus points for books for our classrooms.   We would love to add books sets to our guided reading library for 3rd grade.  So this first order only, I am asking if you order to send in the order and NOT complete online.  This way we can combine all 3rd grade orders and hopefully purchase $300 worth of books to earn our 10,000 points.  

Here is what is happening:

Reading:  We have started the year with Character Traits as our first reading focus strategy. I just introduced story elements also. When we finished up  Amber Brown is not a Crayon we went over the 5 elements of the story. They completed their crayon boxes utilizing the character traits from the story.  In our reading response journals, they will be using their "just right" books to locate the 5 elements of a story.  Due to MAP testing, I will be starting small groups on Wednesday and continue working with character traits to see understanding of concepts.  

Vocabulary:  I will be introducing new words to students on Monday.  We will have 10 words along with a "Word of the Week."  I will send home the vocabulary sheet with words, definitions, and parts of speech.  Vocabulary is just more than memorizing definitions, it is also how to use in sentences.  On Monday Sept. 8th this is due back with the back side synonym activity completed and a parent signature.  Please do not turn in sooner, or they will not be able to study words. 

Spelling:  We have completed 200 high frequency words all together now. They will add 5 of the words they missed to their spelling test each week. If they did not miss very many, I will have them just pick the next 5 in order.  I introduced Unit 1 words on Friday and compete the pre-test to determine what their words will be the following week. These sheets are placed in Communicator folder and must be kept in there each day.  Please go over spelling words with them, but the key is not memorization, but understanding the pattern.  Please talk about the words and the pattern they see.  They will complete Word Work activities in their composition notebook each week.

Math:  We have started EDM in Unit 1.  This unit is to be a review of concepts, but some kids have not seen EDM so we try to go a little more in depth.  We have talked mostly about number sense and utilizing the number chart to help with numbers.  We have also played our first math game, Subtraction Top-it.  This is a game you can play with any deck of cards and kids have a great time.  We looked at time and will be looking at some graphing skills this coming week.

We have also began our math facts practice with Rocket Math.  I gave the students a placement test that is based on writing speed then some quick fact practice.  If you see the fact sheet come home with a star, they have met their goal and will move on to next level.  If they did not meet their level, I suggest you take some time and go over that sheet with them to help practice for the next day.  I have lowered some goals for kids that started our pretty high with writing test.  Again it is important to go over this everyday.  I have made sure I get them back everyday to help them study.  On occasion you may not see them back due to a meeting during my plan time, but I will do my best. 

Science:  We have started looking at Chapter 1 in science.  We began our discussion with living vs. non-living things.  We will do a small activity on Monday and then complete the unit outline.  We have had a small friend in our room during the week and the kids have enjoyed watching the monarch caterpillar. It follows along with our unit on how a living things grows and changes.  Thanks to Lilly for sharing. We created some plant and animal cells in class on Friday and will be planting a seed into a CD case so we can watch the process of a plant growing and label all the parts.

Social Studies:  Our first topic in Social Studies will be our community and community helpers.  This will also begin in September. 

   Dates to Remember 

  • September 2: Map Testing - Reading
  • September 5:  1st Spelling test
  • September 8:  Vocabulary sheet due




Study Spelling words


Home Links -- These will be due the following day

If NO Home Link ---Study math facts and go over daily Rocket Math sheets.

IXL and Xtramath.org are 2 online sites that students may use to practice. 


Study Vocabulary words - use in context not memorize definitions

20 minutes of free reading EVERY night. Four AR quizzes are due at the end of every month until January, then Six are due.  If they are reading a book at home that does not have an AR quiz, they can complete a quick book report form and get credit. 


You will see a study guide 2 days prior to a having a test please go over with your child and sign & return

Social Studies

Projects throughout the year


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