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Newsletter                                                                                   Volume 6 Issue  5

Central Primary School                       Room 204                     September 15, 2014

3rd Grade Happenings

Our superheroes are getting accustom to the new routines and rules in the classroom and doing a great job.  Please help by reminding them to stay on task in the classroom.

Scholastic books are in!!  Thank you to those who ordered and helped us reach our goal.  We combined our order with Mrs. Corbitt's class and earned our 10,000 bonus points.  We will be adding to our Guided Reading Library soon.  This is greatly appreciated.  I will send home a Scholastic order about every other month.  All orders help support our classroom library.  If you ever order books as gifts and do not want me to send home with a child, please just let me know.  Books are always a great stocking stuffer gift.

Here is what is happening:

Common Core Math and English Morning work:  We have now completed Week 4 of our CC math and English review.  I have not put any of these grades in the system, but you have seen grades come home on the assessments.  The skills are fairly new to the kids and even though I go over all the skills each day with them, many are still struggling to apply those skills to the assessment.  I am going to complete the math this week, but supplement with English activities that support the skills we have been discussing instead of week 5 CC English.  Beginning Week 6, I will begin using the assessments as a grade.  They will only count toward 50% of their grade, and any one with lower than 80% will make corrections for a new grade.  Please review on Thursday the sheets that come home. See the attached document for assistance with English notes:     ENGLISH NOTES

Reading:  We should finally get a full schedule of reading workshop in this week.  Our class has finished MAP testing.  I will be introducing a new comprehension strategy this week.  We have talked about Character traits, Story elements, Main idea and details, and now we will be discussing Facts and details. Facts and Details can be used with any book, but kids pick up on it quicker with a non-fiction book. We will also continue CLOSE Reading with me in small groups learning about September. 

AR Book Update:  Please remember to check your child's home link to see how many AR books quizzes they have passed.  Remember in 3rd grade passing is 70% not 60%.  AR will tell you 60% is passing, but we are unable to change that in the computer.   Each student needs 4 chapter books that are worth 1pt. or more this month.  I will count 2 non-fiction, but it is important they are also reading chapter books in their level.  If they are reading a book at home, please make sure they put in their backpack each evening so they can read the same book during reading workshop.

Vocabulary:  You will see a new vocabulary list on Monday. Please work at using these words in your everyday conversations.  I will be setting a goal for students to use the words in class and locate our vocabulary words in books.  It is so important that they do not just memorize the definitions, but understand the context and how to use them in a sentence. This again will have an activity for them to complete and return.  The due date is September 24th.  This is the date of our next test.  Please keep in folder to help them review the words and turn in ON the DUE DATE.

Spelling:  Thank you for all the pretests returned this week.  I realize new routines are hard to get into, but this is an important responsibility item for the kids.  It is really hard to test their high frequency words if they do not bring back pre-test on Fridays.  Week 3 words will come home on Monday.  Please challenge them to come up with other words that fit the pattern we are working on.

Math:  We will be finishing up Ch. 1 in math this week.  I will complete a study guide with them on Wednesday or Thursday and then have first Chapter test on Monday.

Please continue to practice math facts that come home when goal is not met.  Learning facts is a key to all math skills and vital to being successful in third grade.  

Science: Chapter 1 is done and completed.  Great job overall on their first test in Science.  I know this is a new concept for them and thank you for helping them be prepared.  Please always review both days they have the study guide home.  Their plants in CD cases will come home this week.  We did have several that were unsuccessful.  We have talked about all experiments not working and we will be finishing up on the writing portion of this experiment.  They did have fun watching and observing.

Social Studies: I apologize for the error on the letter, I didn't catch it until I was ready to send home.  We have finished up our community unit and will be looking at different types of communities this week.  Please have all community helper interviews and pictures completed and turned in on WEDNESDAY, Sept. 17th.  I would like them up and displayed by Grandparents day. This is a graded project, so please make sure your child is completing the project with assistance only from you. 

   Dates to Remember 

  • September 15:  PICTURE DAY
  • September 15:  New vocabulary words
  • September 15:  Spelling Pre-test
  • September 17:  Community Helper Project DUE
  • September 18:  Ch. 1 Math Study Guide
  • September 19:  Spelling Test
  • September 22:  Ch. 1 Math Test
  • September 24:  Unit 2 Vocabulary Test





Study Spelling words


Home Links -- These will be due the following day

If NO Home Link ---Study math facts and go over daily Rocket Math sheets.

IXL and Xtramath.org are 2 online sites that students may use to practice. 


Study Vocabulary words - use in context not memorize definitions

20 minutes of free reading EVERY night. Four AR quizzes are due at the end of every month until January, then Six are due.  If they are reading a book at home that does not have an AR quiz, they can complete a quick book report form and get credit. 


You will see a study guide 2 days prior to a having a test please go over with your child and sign & return

Social Studies

Projects throughout the year


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